Message from President Joe Matessa - June 2018

Much like Thanksgiving, when we often reflect upon what we’re thankful for, in the month of June I take the opportunity to reflect upon what makes me Proud.  First and foremost, it’s my two amazing boys.  They’re growing into fine little men, have worked hard at overcoming some learning challenges, and are amazing gymnasts.  They bring me pride and joy each and every day of the year.  Second on the list, is the incredible Board of Directors for FPN that give so much of their passion, time and talents to support the organization.

We’re a completely volunteer organization, and a ‘working Board’.  Over the last three years, we have much to be proud of.  It truly warms my heart every time I see a member of our community with their new little baby or child, or hear from a parent who’s overjoyed to have found a ‘safe space’ for them and their family to make new friends and find comfort, support and resources.  It’s what we do, and why we do it.

To the Board of Directors, I Thank You for all that you do, and am so proud to call you Family…

  • Rachel Eddy
  • Sara Canterbury
  • Hannah Botkin-Doty
  • Peter Lovins
  • Kyle McCartney
  • Jiamei Knox-Zhang
  • Candelaria Mota
  • Tara Polansky
  • Missy Anderson

On behalf of FPN, we look forward to seeing you at the Columbus, Cincinnati and Mansfield Pride festivities.  March with us in the Columbus parade (RSVP HERE), or stop-by the booth and say Hello.  Be Present, and Be Proud.

In Peace & Equality,

Joe Matessa