Message from President Joe Matessa - July

All Are Welcome

It’s been over a month since the SWC Pride Parade & Festival.  While in many regards, the new location and expansive growth have taken us in a wonderful direction in putting Columbus on the map as the largest of its kind in the Midwest – a small group of peaceful protesters also highlighted that we have much more work to do to truly be an inclusive community.

At the Family Pride Network, we believe that Intersectionality is the essence of Equality. We are honored to connect, support and educate all LGBTQ families, and are constantly challenging ourselves as an organization to uphold the ideals of inclusion and integrity.

Our Board of Directors and their families are a colorful blend of male & female, straight, gay & trans, black, brown, white & Asian.  Our members and the participants at our events are a mirror reflection of the diversity found within our Board.  All are welcome.

In a few weeks we will be meeting for our annual strategic planning session.  I can assure you that outreach to minority segments of our community will be a primary topic of discussion.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, we encourage you to drop us a note at

We look forward to seeing you at our Potluck Picnic on Sunday, August 20th!


Yours in Peace & Equality,

Joe Matessa

President & Co-Founder